So. You interested in volunteering huh?

Well you've come to the right place! We do a lot of cool things in Chicago with our Burning Man Community. We produce and participate in a ton of events and meet ups throughout the year. Some of these events include Decompression, Monthly Meet N' Greets, Movie Nights, Chiditarod, Town Hall, Resonate and Burners Without Border Chicago civic projects.

What's even more amazing is that it's all put together by 100% volunteers! People JUST like YOU. So if you wanna join our super mutant team of Rock Stars, Cyber-Punk-Rats and Multidimensional Time-Stomppers read a little about the volunteer opportunities below and fill out the volunteer form.

And you can always e-mail: volunteer@burningmanchicago.org

Volunteer Teams

- Decomp Planning

We hold an Urban Decompression event as a community every last Saturday in September. We are looking for people who are interested in helping plan the event as far as logistics and lineup. We have an email list and semi-regular meetings.

- Meet N Greets

We have monthly meet n' greets which range from movie nights & bar socials to taking over bowling alleys and picnic events. If you'd like to help plan, organize, or do a special project with Meet N Greets sign up and let us know.

- Fundraising

If you know a few things about Burning Man then you know that its not cheap and that Burner's like super-awesome stuff to play with! To the rescue is the Fundraising team! They work on planning events such as the Burlesque Bake Sale & the Scavenger Hunt to help raise money for our community and our Art Grants. They also make a yearly Schwag pack which we make available at local events.

- Chicago DPW

Calling for all lifters, movers, builders, cleaners, badasses and PBR enthusiasts. Chicago-DPW helps build, run and clean up our events and gatherings. Theses are the dedicated muscle and girth that help us be all we can be in our ultimate freak modes. We've got a list and a GoogleGroup going.

- Chicago BwB

Burners without Borders is an idea. It's a place a group of people who are interested in bringing the ethos and lessons we've learned on playa back home to our Chicago streets. It ranges from street clean-ups and water-barrel catcher installation to taking over the Halsted Street Parade and making Sculptures out of waste downtown and fire-dancing around them. Burners without Borders is about making burner projects possible in the "real" world and connecting ideas with resources.

- Rangers

Rangers help as nonconfrontational mediators. (They are not law enforcement.) If you are interested in being a Ranger you can find out about training and events with the need for our Khaki Soldiers.

- Art Grants

Here in Chicago we are lucky enough to be able to give our Art Grants to artists interested in creating or bringing art to BURN sponsored events. If you'd like to get more info, become a member of the planning team or are interested in more info you can join the team or visit the website at: www.burningart.org

- Volunteer Conscription

Do you like meeting lots of people? Do you like herding cats? We've got a few talented and lovely volunteers who help point the tired hippies to the right rallying flag.

- Communications

Begin Transmission: We are the few the chosen ones- the ones who hear the word and write it down. If your interested in writing, emails, working on our newsletter 'The Lantern' or making any other type of propaganda for the masses join the winning team :End Transmission

- Media

For those interested in PR, press releases, editing video or doing photography. We can also hook you in with Media Mecca if you need an in.

- Tech & Web

We always need tech guys and web genius's. If your interested in helping us create and maintain our online world and community. Let us know what you do and what you'd like to help with.

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