Chicago Burners are involved in a plethora of things that incorporate their passion for Burning Man. Below are a sampling of some of the things Chicago Burners do.

Annual/Monthly Events

  • March Chiditarod - The most epic shopping cart race on the planet. Most likely the world's largest mobile food drive.
  • Monthly April - Sept. Full Moon Fire Jams - When warm, gather down on the lake front for a fire and drum jam on the Full Moon
  • April/May Resonate - A spring gathering of artists from the Chicago burner community
  • October Chicago Decompression - The official Burning Man Regional Network celebration and showcase for artists, produced by B.U.R.N. NFP
  • TBD We Burn - Gallery-style show of Chicago Burning Man Art

Performance Troupes

Music Groups




  • Edible Alchemy Food Co-op - Edible Alchemy is a catalyst for a vibrant food community, including distribution of local organic produce shares.

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