Do you need anybody to camp with you?  My girlfriend has worked a costume shop before.  Her Grandma owns a place in Saint Joseph Michigan called "Everybody's Everything".  It's an enormous costume shop.  Let us know if you want some camp company.

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Hello there,

We have are happy to have people camp with the Creative Cats. We're always looking for company and donations :) Jamie and most of the crew are going to be at LOF on early Thursday, and the rest of the camp will be there friday morning. Can't wait to meet you!! If you would like to get more details on exactly where the camp will be located during the event Jamie is the lead this year. We have a lots of donations so far but we for sure always need more. Jamminb18@hotmail is a good way to get a hold of her for more details. Can't wait to meet you!

<3 Tink


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