Yeeehaw!  Please post your lost and found information on this thread.  When posting items that you found, please be generic and ask for further details if there's interest.



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FOUND: Pair of earbud-style headphones.

FOUND:  City of Chicago ID and building access card; in a small holder.  Please drop me a line w/ a basic description and a way to contact you; we'll confirm that the items and you match, and get them back to you as soon as possible.

Hi my name is Sara. My friend left her ID and building access card. Her name is Elizabeth Moens. Her number is 312-927-0667. Please call ASAP. Thank you so much :-)
Hello- Please call my cell this is Elizabeth thanks! 312-927-0667



Can I please get this item- thanks




FOUND -- Red digital camera (it's in my car at the moment so not sure what brand) and a single house key


LOST (BY OTHERS) - Car keys for a Mazda

Hi!! I think you might have my digital camera! My number is 630 291 6419 (text or call), or you can email me at
It's been in the car since we got home and it's been gone all day.  I will pull it out tomorrow and give you a call.

My phone got dropped into a puddle today, so it's shut off now. Not great timing at all. If you want to shoot me an email with your number I'll give you a call from another phone.

Lost: Gate ID tag that said Leo, large men's gate tshirt (ouch, was excited to wear that) last seen in the break room.
LOST Black thin leather (or perhaps pleather) coat. Same as in my profile picture.
Hey I tried to send you a direct message, not sure it went through.  I think I found your jacket in one of my chairs by my photos/sailboat (next to the undersea dome).


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